OpenRarity documentation

We’re excited to announce OpenRarity, a new rarity protocol we’re building for the NFT community. OpenRarity is an open-source project originated by NFT marketplaces, tools & collections. Our objective is to provide a transparent rarity calculation that is entirely open-source, objective, and reproducible.
With the explosion of new collections, marketplaces and tooling across the NFT ecosystem, we realized that rarity ranks often differed across platforms which could lead to confusion for buyers, sellers and creators. We believe it’s important to find a way to provide a unified and consistent set of rarity rankings across all platforms to help build more trust and transparency in the industry.
We are releasing the OpenRarity library in a Beta preview to crowdsource feedback from the community and incorporate it into the library evolution.
See the full announcement in the blog post
See our package on GitHub
Our package on PiPy